One Mr. Deji Adenuga who allegedly set on fire the nine members of his former girlfriend’s family, which led to the death of eight people has revealed why he carried out this devilish act.

The 45-years-old man who is popularly known as “Davar Oluodo” while been paraded at the headquarters of the Ondo State confessed to committing the crime.

Report had that Adenuga, who is a palm wine tapper had escaped from Olokuta Medium Prison, Akure in 2013 when was standing trial for killing his first wife in 2012.

He was released based on prerogative of mercy in 2015 after he was apprehended months after running away from the prison when a jailbreak took place.

Adenuga in April decided to set the family of his ex-girlfriend on fire after his lover decided to break up with him. The action led to the immediate death of five members of the family while three others died in the hospital two days after the incident.

While speaking on the reason for his action, Adenuga stated that he was jilted by his girlfriend, Titi, which made him set the family house on fire in the midnight.

In his statement he stated that Titi’s elder sister caused the break up of their relationship, he claimed that she was using Titi to defraud him.

“My girlfriend (Titi) went to abort the four months old pregnancy she had for me after I advised her not to.” She also ran away with my N55, 000.”

“I’ve been the one taking care of Titi and her aunt’s family.”

“Titi’s aunt (Jumoke) always made sure Titi and I had quarrel which she used in extorting money from me. She will advise her sister to leave, and when I go pleading, she will use the avenue to collect money and food items from me.”

“She did it again this time and threatened that I cannot do anything as an ex-convict.”

“It was her threat that made me to carry out my action.”

“I had wanted to kill only Titi and her sister, Jumoke. I never knew other members of the family were in the room.”

The police revealed that the suspect was arrested at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State on Monday where he went to hide after commiting the crime.

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