Parish Sant German (PSG) football club lined out that it will lose € 215 million if the season ends at the end of June.
The health crisis, due to the coronavirus, and the freezing of the competitions that it provoked risks doing a lot of harm to French clubs. And not just for the little ones. Despite an estimated budget of € 638 million, which is, of course, the highest in France, the Paris SG should be particularly affected by this unusual situation. According to the revelations made by L’Equipe, Ile-de-France officials have estimated the potential shortfall to the tune of € 215 million in the event that the season comes to an end at the end of June.

The sum is substantial, to say the least, and corresponds to the total impact of the Covid-19 on all of its activity. In particular on income relating to TV rights and also revenue from ticketing. The Ile-de-France club hoped to recover at least € 30 million over the last five games planned at the Parc des Princes during the current financial year. And we are not talking about the Champions League games, which are even more profitable in this respect.
An inevitable impact on the next transfer window

Logically, and even if the situation is far from being as critical as that of its Ligue 1 competitors, Paris is likely to suffer seriously from these losses. Inevitably, this will affect its plans for the transfer window. The objective will no longer be to strengthen the workforce but to rebalance the accounts. The champions of France could even have to sell several of their players in order to give themselves some air. In short, and as is the case for any other private enterprise, the finances of PSG will be shaken by the long period of inactivity.

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