Police operatives from Meiran Division led by the DPO SP Shokunbi Toyosi have arrested a 40-year old man, simply identified as Efe, who allegedly defiled his neighbour’s 5-year old girl in their compound in Lagos.

The incident happened at No. 138 Meiran Road, Omoroga area Meiran, Lagos, where they reside.

The arrest followed a report to the Police by the victim’s mother, who allegedly caught Efe red-handed while in the act and immediately went to the Police.

According to the victim, Efe lured her into his apartment after her mother sent her to buy gala to eat because she was hungry; while she was returning he lured her inside, locked his door from behind, then pulled her pant, asked her to place her hand on a chair while bending and he reportedly penetrated her.

The dastardly act got exposed after the mother had waited for her, then came out to look for her and eventually saw her daughter coming out from Efe’s apartment with the zip of her trouser open. She asked her what happened and the little girl told her everything.

According to the mother, she checked her private part and saw that she was abused before she raised alarm which attracted other neighbours, who then told her to report to the Police.

When correspondent visited Meiran Police Division, the suspect was seen detained at the Station but could not speak to him. The DPO was said to have gone out on routine monitoring of the area.

However, Police source at the Station said that the victim was referred to Mirabel Centre for medical test which will used to charge Efe before the Family Court in Ogba, Lagos.The alleged offence attracts several years of imprisonment if Efe is eventually charged before the Court, tried and found guilty.

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