Truck Destroys cars and Building in Kubwa, Abuja

The town of Kubwa, in Abuja was in a great fear when a Tipper truck loaded with sand failed its break and smashed into several vehicles and building
The crash which occurred at Central market in Kubwa, at about 11 am, left many vehicles damaged. According to one of the survivors, Ngozichukwu, the truck suffered brake failure. and rammed into the vehicles with occupants.

“This tipper failed break and was hitting many cars….. I thought more than 20persons have lost their lives already, people were crying shouting JESUS JESUS  but God was just too much, too kind, too merciful because there was no serious injury and no life was lost.,” she narrated.

I don’t know how i survived, i thought i was dead i don’t know how i survive was all those involved could say( it was indeed a miracle)

It happened exactly infront of central market but God wagged it with different cars and building in order to save lives.Thank You Jesus”

Smilehopego together we go

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