Emmanuella reveals the source of money she used in Building the house for her Mother (See Video)


10 years Nigerian actress and comedienne, Emmanuella, has shared her touching story of how she was able to build the 10 million naira house for her mother.

The kid comedienne in an interview with BBC revealed that her earlier plans were to buy a car for her father, but her uncle Mark Angel brought her memory to her earlier promise of building a house for her mother

According to Emmanuella, the building project began in 2019, and after consulting her manager, she divided her money into four parts of which she used one to build the house for her mother.

She further said this is not the only surprise for her family as there are still more to come. She added that she hasn’t forgotten the car she wanted to buy for her father as she will still fulfill that promise.

In the video, Emmanuella was talking about her success story and her newly built house. The kid comedienne took fans on a tour of the house.

Watch the video below;

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