Musical Terms and Their meaning


Most of us out there find it very difficult to identify some musical terms and their meaning. i.e. when we come across them in a piece, how to implement

As an organist, chorister or any instrument player, you are suppose to  know the meaning of any Musical Terms and their meaning in case you come across any of them in a piece.

So today, I will be giving you some Musical Terms and Thier meaning.

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Musical Terms and Their meaning.

Accelerando means gradually increasing the pace.

Adagio mean very slow 

Affetuoso means tenderly

Addante means rather slow

Allegro means quick, cheerfully

Allegretto means not so quick as Allegro

Animator means with spirit

Ad libitum or Ad’lib mean at pleasure

Brillante means in a brilliant, showy style.

Calando means diminish the time and sound by degrees.

Con Spirito means with quickness and spirit.

Crescendo means increasing the sound gradually.

Da Capo or D.C means go back to the beginning.

Deciso means with decision, boldly.

Expressivo means with expression.

Forte or f means loudly.

Fortissimo or ff means very loud.

Grasisso means in a flowing, graceful style.

Largo means a very slow movement.

Larghetto means not as slow Largo.

Lente means in slow time.

Loco means play the note in the position in which they are written and follow either of the signs

Maestoso means majestic.

Messo Forte or mf means rather loud

Messo Piano or mp means rather soft.

Moderato means moderately quick.

Non troppo means not too much

Presto means very quick.

Prestissimo means as quick as possible.

Piano, pia or p means soft.

Pianissimo or pp means very soft.

Poco means means a little

Poco a Poco means little by little.

Pomposo means with dignity and grandeur

Rallentando or Rall means gradually becoming slower.

Ritardando or Rit means regarding, delaying the tempo.

Risoluto means firmly, decided.

Scherando means in a playful, light style.

Forsando means see forsando.

Sotenuto means to sustain every notes to its full length.


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Staccato means about and distinct.

Tema means a theme, or subject; a Melody.

Tempo primo means time a s at first.

Tenuto or ten means see Sosteante.

Tremando means with trembling heart.

Vigoroso means withe stength and fairness.

Vivace means brisk and animated.

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