Ivconnects Review | Is Ivconnects Legit or Scam | What is Ivconnects

As the days goes by, many online income programs tends to be created, but one thing always comes across our minds, how do we know the legit ones and the ones that are fake?

Today, we are gonna be going through on a Review I wrote on Ivconnects.com or Ivconnects Review.

The purpose of writing is not to promote this income program or to blot them, but to guide you.

What is Ivconnects All About

According to the their platform, IVConnects is a Social Media platform created by a well experienced entrepreneur, with the aim of connecting young entrepreneurs, students, elite and people from all works of life together from various places and creating employment opportunities thereby generating revenue from advertisement industries.

One of the motive of IVConnects is to help reduce unemployment in the society as well as letting people earn and make money while having fun

Also, IVConnects is a reputable students’ website, aiming at giving all students and individuals the best educational and entertainment update and also with an enormous earning opportunity, also we bring news and information and provides you with updates on what is happening around the country and the universe at large.

IVConnects Concept is also an online business platform where you earn and get paid by reading news, daily login to the site and much more all on IVConnects platform at the comfort of your home with just your smartphone.

On IVConnects, no more insufficient fund if you’re among the lucky people reading this trust me this will be one of the best opportunities you could ever come across.

How Does Ivconnects.com Works

  1. Referral: You can refer your friend to join this program using your referral link and you will be paid a commission for doing this.
  2. Activities Earnings: This is where working comes in. you are expected to do some tasks like Reading news and posting news in order for you to earn on this section.

1.  You get registered and become a fully financial member with the onetime registration fee ₦1,800.

2. Ivconnects pay 71% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of ₦1,200 for each person you register on their website.

NOTE: Referring is optional (It is a win back situation).

3. You get instant registration bonus of 1000 points once your account is activated.


How to Register on Ivconnects Income Program

To Register on Ivconnects is just as simple as ABC. It doesn’t require much stress. Below are the steps to register on Ivconnects

  1. Logon to ivconnects.com
  2. Get coupon code from a Coupon vendor
  3. Input you coupon code in the required space.
  4. Put in your First and Last name
  5. Put in your valid email address.
  6. Then you pay a registration fee of N1800.
  7. Then you are a full member.

How to Earn on Ivconnects Income Program

Ivconnects pays its members for performing some certain task on their platform

  1. Any Affiliate bonus of N1,200 is given to you for each person you register on the platform.
  2. You get a Registration Bonus of 1000 points after successfully registering on the platform
  3. You get 100 Naira for login to the site every day.
  4. You get 200 naira per post you upload on their Students’ forum.
  5. You Get 100 naira daily for sharing their sponsor post to your facebook timeline.
  6. When you comment on any article you get 10 naira.
  7. You get N500 airtime for posting your credit alert testimony with a good caption on their facebook group.
  8. You get a login bonus of 100 naira every day.

Is Ivconnects Legit or Scam

Many income Program seems to appear real at the very first but later turn wide

At the time of writing this moment of writing this review, Ivconnects seems to be paying its members based on the information on their facebook page.

Disclaimer: We are not paid to write this article, neither are we here to promote this income platform or to blot them, but this article is to guide you not to fall victim to scammers.

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