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Review Review (is Legit or Scam)


on Review (is Legit or Scam)

Hi guys, welcome to my Review.

Everyday, we wake up to see making money platform that grant it’s user money making access even from the comfort of your sitting room which is not exclusive. is a similar platform to mybonus2u, Gdax and many more similar platforms that pays it’s users commission for performing certain task like ordering of products on the platform depending on the Level you recharge to. Though, many platforms seems to stick to their words and pay their members at the early stage of inventory and later turned out to be scam while some still stand out to do what they say.

As I would always advise, read reviews about a platform before investing your money on them in order to avoid stories that touched the heart.

This is focusing on a platform known as or online revenue. This is article will be covering sub-topics like “is legit?” “is scam?” “ Registration” “ withdrawal” “ referral” “ withdrawal” “is paying?” “ withdrawal” and many more.

Now, let’s get started.

What is or online revenue is a new earning platform that claims to pay it’s members commission for ordering products on the platform. is a similar platform to Ebaysir, e-commerce-ng and many of it’s kind.

According to the platform, “online revenue was created in the year 2019 in the United State. It is a company based on platform technical support and business backed by finance and technology. claims they partner with the e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Alibaba, Flipkart, Amazon and Allegeo to increase their sales.

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How Does Works? pays it’s members commission for grabbing orders daily on the platform. have different VIP plans to recharge to and each VIP plan have it’s recharge amount.

This definitely means the higher the VIP plan you recharge to, the higher your daily task and the higher the commission you get too. places traditional products that needs to increase risk exposure on the platform everyday and provides it’s members with opportunities to obtain orders.

In order to avoid being detected by online shopping platform and to improve the authenticity of orders, new members are mandated to fill in their real personal information and real delivery address before placing orders. VIP Plans

Bellow are the different VIP plans offers.

VIP Experience Area

Amount : N3,000

Number of task: 10

Commission ratio: 0.5%

Daily ratio rate: 5.00%

One-Star VIP

Amount : N10,000

Number of task: 11

Commission ratio: 0.6%

Daily ratio rate: 6.60%

Two Star VIP

Amount : N50,000

Number of task: 12

Commission ratio: 0.7%

Daily ratio rate: 8.40%

Samsung VIP

Amount : N500,000

Number of task: 13

Commission ratio: 0.8%

Daily ratio rate: 10.40%

Four Star VIP

Amount : N2,000,000

Number of task: 14

Commission ratio: 0.9%

Daily ratio rate: 12.60%

Five-Star VIP

Amount : N5,000,000

Number of task: 15

Commission ratio: 1%

Daily ratio rate: 15.00%

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Registering on is very easy. All you are required to do is to follow the procedures Below.

1. Click on this link

2. Put in your name, password, phone number and all informations required. After that, a verification code will be sent to the phone number you used for registration in order for you to verify your account.

3. Click on submit

4. Then proceed to login. Login

Login in to the platform just requires the following below:

1. Phone number

2. Password referral

Here is another simple way of making more revenue from this platform which is by referring your family and friends to join the platform using your referral link.

After a successful registration, the person you refer will become  your subordinate member and the platform have a tour level commissioning system.

If you refer Mr. A(your subordinate), you get a commission of 8% from Mr. A’s order. If Mr. A refers Mr. B, you get 4% commission from Mr. B’s order and so it continues. Withdrawal

You can place withdrawal in this platform from Monday to Friday. Remember, the minimum withdrawal amount is N5,000.

Before withdrawing, you will be asked to provide your bank details, including your bank name and card number.

Is Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, is currently paying it’s members. But, that shouldn’t be an assurance that it will continue like this forever. My advice is “Invest Wisely”.

Is Scam?

Currently, this platform is paying it’s members. There have been no complain from members about the platform.

This doesn’t mean you should put your 100% trust in this platform because anything might happen at anytime.


Thank you for stopping by to read this my Review. If you have any other experience apart from the written above, just feel free to share your experience with us in the comment box.

Thank you.

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