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Promonify Review (is Promonify Legit or Scam)



promonify review (ispromonify review Legit or Scam)

This post contains all you need to know about Promonify and also known as Promonify Review

We have come to see so many earning platforms here and there and many more are being launched day after day, but the big question here is, how can people rely on them. Many platforms came promising to pay it’s members, pay for a period of time and guess what, they later lost in the thin air. But, they are always some platforms that have stand out among the crowd.

Today, I’ll be focusing on a platform known as This will post will guide you on all you need to know about Promonify like is

Promonify is a newly launched affiliate platform that promises to pay users for referring members to its platform.

In this Promonify review, I am going to be writing about all you will need to know about this platform under the following sub-topics “Is Promonify legit?” “Is Promonify scam?” “Is Promonify paying?” “Promonify withdrawal” “Promonify registration” “Promonify login” “Promonify contact/customer support”, “How does Promonify work?” and more.

What is Promonify?

Promonify is a newly launched affiliate platform that promises to pay users for referring members to its platform.

Promonify is basically an affiliate where registered affiliates can refer and earn. There is no rocket science in earning and withdrawing your funds. You only have to register a premium account, refer and withdraw.

According to its website “Promonify is a professional website specially designed for people who have a great marketing skills. We have over 1 active customer care support because we value the effort of our affiliates.

Promonify have been in existence since July 2021, affiliates love us due to the speed of our payment and special services in tracking referral visits, commission, clicks and even creative banners and others are available for affiliates to easily reach more people.”

Their mission is to offer the simplest and reliable affiliate marketing system to people with great marketing skills. Our vision is to reach the global world with our premium and quality affiliate services.

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Features of Promonify

1.            Tracking visitors who click your link

2.            Quality banner images to refer people

3.            Know the graph of paid and unpaid users

4.            Affiliate URL page to copy your affiliate link.

How does Promonify work?

Promonify is an affiliate platform, this means that they will pay you for referring users to its platform.

According to its website “Register an account with one-time membership fee of just 200 naira. Refer people and earn 150 naira per referral, and withdraw your earnings anytime as there is no minimum or maximum withdrawal limit.”

Basically, you will get 150 naira for every person that you refer to the platform, but you will need to pay the one-time membership fee of 200 naira to enjoy this benefit.

You don’t need to perform any tasks on the platform, your main purpose is to refer as many people as you can, the more you refer the more you earn.

One very interesting aspect about Promonify is that there is no minimum withdrawal limit, which means that you can withdraw at any time you like and get paid.

Promonify registration

To register on Promonify,  you need to follow the following steps below

1.            Visit the official website

2.            Click on the Top menu

3.            Click on REGISTER/SIGN UP

4.            Input the required details like email address, account username and password

5.            Make payment or you can buy a coupon code from any of the verified coupon code vendors on the site.

6.            Click REGISTER

Note: You will be required to pay a one-time registration fee of N200

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Promonify login

To login to your Promonify account, you will need the following:

1.            Username

2.            Password

Is Promonify legit?

Completely putting your trust in this platform will be at stake because it is a newly launched platform that was launched on July 2021.

So far, the platform have been payment its members, there have been no complain from its users and seems to be very reliable, as they don’t offer outrageous ROI, you basically only get money from your referrals.

Promonify  don’t have a minimum withdrawal amount, that means you can withdraw at any time.

Is Promonify scam?

Currently, there is no prove of identifying this platform of being a scam, because there have been no complaint from its members.

If you have issue otherwise what is written above, just feel free to share it in the comment section.


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