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There are so many ways to make money online, in the last few years, there has been lots of platforms that help you make money from the comfort of your home. is a digital marketing /advertising platform that pays its members for promoting products and services on their social media handles.

In this review I will be covering topics like “ Review” “is  Legit” “is Scam” “when was launched” “ Registration” “ login” “ referral” “ Withdrawal” and many more

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What is (Revsmedia) is an advertising platform where product and services are advertised for promoters to share on their social media timeline and get paid for it.

Revsmedia is into business promotion and advert. Therefore, they make money from advertisers and pay to their promoters who are doing the major job at the end of every 28 days.

Revsmedia also pay its members commission for every product, service or link a promoter share on their timeline. That certainly means the more you share their products on your social media handles the more commissions you get from them

How Does Works?

Revsmedia is a platform where product and services advertise for promoters to share on their social media timeline and get paid for it. Every product, service or link a promoter share on his or her timeline, he or she will get a commission for it.

Earning on is only guaranteed if a promoter carryout their daily task. All promoters may not earn the same amount monthly, duly depend on their performance. That means the higher your performance, the higher your chance of earning from the platform. makes money by business promotion and advert running on their platform which they pay to their promoters at the end of every 28 days.

Also Read my Review also allows its members to create more than one account, but the maximum account a member is allowed to have is 3 accounts. Earning

You earn in by carrying out daily tasks on the platform as followed below:

Registration: Free

Sign Up Bonus: 50 Rvs = ₦500

Daily Login: 10 Rvs = ₦100

Advert Share: 10 Rvs = ₦100/share

Video Ads View: 5 Rvs = ₦50/view

Referral Bonus: 30 Rvs = ₦300/referral

Withdrawing from

As a member of, you can withdraw your money to your bank account through bank apps like Opay.  The Maximum Withdrawal: 1500 Rvs = ₦15,000 and the Minimum Withdrawal: 200 Rvs = ₦2,000.

After successfully placing your withdrawal You will be waiting for at least 24 hours before receiving your payment to your designated bank account. Member is also allowed to create more than one account but the maximum account allowed is 3 accounts.

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To Register on you need to follow the following procedures below:

1.  Click

2.  Put in your username

3.  Provide your valid email address

4.  Create password

5.  Click on Signup Login

To Login to all required is:

1.  Your Username, Email or Mobile Number

2.  Your Password Withdrawal

Members are allowed to make withdrawals towards the last day of the month, a withdrawal form will be opened for members to place withdrawal. If a member doesn’t want to withdraw his or her own commission for that particular month, it will be rolled-over to the next month.

You can also withdraw your money through your bank apps like Opay.

When was Launched? is a new platform that was launched  on the 3rd of June of 2021.

RVS and It’s Value in Naira

10 RVS = N100

20 RVS = N200

50 RVS = N500

100 RVS = N1,000

200 RVS = N 2,000

500 RVS = N5,000

1,000 RVS = N10,000

1,500 RVS = N15,000

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Who is the Founder of

The founder of is Mr. Cletus Odunayo

Is Legit is a newly launched platform that was launched on the 3rd of June, 2021. So we can’t really tell right now if this platform is legit or not. But with time they will stand to prove if they or legit or not.

Is Scam

This platform is a newly launched platform. So, we can’t really tag this platform a scam at the moment. As I would always advise, invest wisely and invest what you can afford to loose.


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