Two Men Alleged Exchange Their Wives (See Reason)

Unimaginable things keep happening everyday by day, two aged men alleged have a mutual agreement of exchanging their wives as way of settling their differences.

The two men known as Josh Odour and Sakis from Busia Country in Western Kenya, have exchange their wives and children. This happened after Sakis and odour’s wife decided to make their secret  affairs made known to the public.

According to KDRTV, Odour first hears that his wife was cheating on him with Sakis but didn’t believed it. He was later shocked to find his wife at Sakis’s place cleaning the dishes, there he told his wife that he had moved on with the Boda Boda operator. 

In revenge, Oduor is alleged to have lured Sakis’ wife who had gone back to her parent’s home and convinced her to get married to him. The lady agreed and the two even went to inform the police about their new unions.

Odour says he is already eager to impregnate his new wife as supplement for the two she has. He added that he will do this because he was used to having three children in the house. However, on his rival, Odour said he will have to wait a little bit longer if he wanted a kid from his new wife as she was on a long family planning method.

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