Review (is Solarcityza Legit or Scam) is a newly launched earning platform similar to, mybonus2u, Gdax, Zebrafund, etc that pays its members for performing simple task on their platform like ordering of products.

In this post, all you need to know about will be discussed in this Review.

Sub-topics like “is Legit” “ Fake” “ login” “is real” “ signup” “ Registration” “ withdrawal” “ Referral” “How to earn on” “who is the owner of” “where is located?” “ VIP levels” and many more about will be discussed in this Review.

What is

is Legit” “ Fake” “ login” “is real” “ signup” “ Registration” “ withdrawal” “ Referral” “How to earn on” “who is the owner of” “where is located?” “ VIP levels

Solarcityza is very similar to, they both share common ways of making money, and also these companies are trying to promote their solar products.

With solarcityza you can register and win R100 instantly credited to your account. Then after that to more money you have to refer friends and complete tasks on solarcityza. For now, the only country that is supported to work on solarcityza website in South Africa, others countries aren’t eligible.

Let’s get started…..

Top Facts About

1. Solarcityza URL availability to Google:

Solarcityza URL is one on Google when you search the whole Url (, which means it’s not properly indexed on Google. And it would be difficult for the user to find on search engines.

2. Website Security:

Solarcityza is not a secured website, inputting your private details on this website isn’t safe, because hackers would be able to steal your details because solarcityza didn’t pay their “SSL CERTIFICATE” to secure their website.

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3. Interface (Website Design):

The design of solarcityza is good, easy to navigate for mobile users, this means it’s Mobile-friendly but not PC-friendly. This means computer users would find it difficult working on solarcityza. Now moving on to solarcityza loading speed.

Solarcityza loading speed is exactly on average. This website scored exactly 50% on mobile and on PC it scored 77%. The speed of solarcityza is okay but not too fast.

4. Contact Us and About Us Pages:

Solarcityza does have an About Us page which is the most important of all, also they have a Contact Us page. And the method you can use to contact solarcityza is through WhatsApp or Telegram.

5: Social Media Accounts:

Solarcityza only has 2 social media accounts, which are Telegram and WhatsApp.

What is

Solarcityza also known as solarHub is a website established recently in South Africa and gives phones and PC users the opportunity to Earn Money by working from home.

The main SolarCity Corporation is a Bolshoi-based company based in Fremont, California, that sells, installs, and installs solar power systems, in addition to other products and services related to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

This company was founded on July 4, 2006. Peter et Lyndon Rive, Primos de Tesla, Inc. PDG Elon Musk. Tesla opened SolarCity in 2016, which cost about $ 2.6 million, and reorganized its solar business into Tesla Energy.

How does Works | Earn Money from Solarcityza

They are several ways you can earn money from Solarcityza, which are through Referrals, completing tasks, and more.

Welcome Bonus of R100

Referring friends to join Solarcityza earns you a 10% commission

Free 14 tasks daily, without VIP plan

Minimum Withdrawal R300

Solarcityza works best if you purchase a solar panel, don’t get me wrong you are not actually gonna get the solar panel. When you purchase a solar panel from Solarcityza, it’s just like upgrading to a VIP plan.

After purchasing the solarpanel, you’ll earn a certain amount hourly or daily. If you purchase the higher one you’ll earn more.

Solarcityza VIP plans

The following VIP plans are available in

R300: 1X1 Primary Solar Panel

Effective time: 90 days

Hourly income: 0.36 – 0.38

Daily income: 8.64 – 9.12

R500: 2X2 Primary Solar Panel

Effective time: 180 days

Hourly income: 0.65 – 0.69

Daily income: 15.6 – 16.56

R1000: 3X3 Basic Solar Panel

Effective time: 180 days

Hourly income: 1.44 – 0.54

Daily income: 34.56 – 36.96

R2000: 4X4 Basic Solar Panel

Effective time: 180 days

Hourly income: 3.2 – 3.33

Daily income: 76.8 – 79.92

R4000: 5X5 intermediate Solar Panel

Effective time: 180 days

Hourly income: 6.94 – 7.25

Daily income: 166.56 – 174

R8000: 6X6 Intermediate Solar Panel

Effective time: 180 days

Hourly income: 15.15 – 15.18

Daily income: 363.6 – 380.88

Who is the owner (CEO) of

Solarcityza a.k.a (SolarHub) is owned by a South African unknown individual. After that, there is no other information known about solarcityza, like the CEO and more. In the future, if we discover the owner of solarcityza we’ll update this article. Referral Commission|

Referring to friends is one of the easiest things to do. You don’t need any experience to do this, all you need is your Referral Code.

Solarcityza would reward you 10% commission when you invite people to join their platform. Here is how to get your Referral code.

How to Refer and earn on Solarcityza

1. Login to your dashboard on

2. On your dashboard, copy your referral link and then share on social media platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp to get more clicks. Sign Up | How to Register on Solarcityza

To learn how to Sign up on Solarcityza follow this guide.

1. Click on this link to be redirected to sign-up page.

2. Input your phone number, password, and validation code, and then click on submit.

3. That’s all, make sure you check your email after creating an account with solarcityza for verification. Login | How to Login to Solarcityza

To learn how to Login in solarcityza follow this guide.

1. Go to solarcityza login page, by clicking on this link.

2. Input your username and password, and then click on login. That’s how to login to solarcityza.

Solarcityza App Download

Yes, solarcityza created an app for their website for a more flexible experience for mobile users. Here is how to download solarcityza application.

1. Go to solarcityza dashboard, click on Me in the right bottom corner and then click on App download. Doman Registration

This platform is a newly launched platform that was created on the 17th of August, 2021.

Is legit or Scam?

This platform is just a newly launched platform and no vital information about this platform was shared on their platform.

Since the creation of this platform, no proof of payment has being recorded on this platform no show if they are really paying their members.


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