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Why I went into Kidnapping, Suspect confess.



Why I went into Kidnapping, Suspect confess.

A suspected kidnapper arrested by the Police in Bauchi, Muhammad Aliyu, says that he went into kidnapping to raise money to start a business because his father did not give him the money.

The 21-year-old man said that he finished secondary school at Government Day Secondary School, Rimin Zayam; and although his WASSCE result was good, he couldn’t further his studies because of lack of money.

He told our Correspondent in an interview at the Bauchi State Police Headquarters that after he and his gang kidnapped their first victim, they were paid N500,000 ransom before they released him.

He said that he received N60,000 as his share, with which he had hoped to start the business before he was arrested.

“I was arrested and brought to the Police headquarters because I am a kidnapper. This is my first time and we only kidnapped one person. We have released him after the payment of N500,000 ransom.

“We were four that did the operation. And I was given N60,000 as my share from the proceeds. Our boss and our friend escaped and we were arrested. I wanted to use my share of the money to start a business.

“I had a provision store at Rimin Zayam town (in Toro Local Government Area of Bauchi State). But along the line, I lost my business capital.

“So, someone enticed me to go into kidnapping so that I can get the capital to go back to business. Although I told him that I was scared because my father had warned me not to touch anything that did not belong to me.

“I asked my father to give me the capital to start the business, but he told me that he didn’t have the money and I felt I should go into kidnapping to raise the money,” he said.

Asked how he now feels being in Police custody, Muhammad said, “I feel very remorseful about the crime.

“I want the Police to seek for forgiveness for me from my dad, Nigeria, from my state and from my local government area, because, insha Allah, after this, I will stop this criminal act.”

He warned those planning to go into kidnapping to have a rethink because it is not an honourable act.

“I want to use this medium to also warn those who have the intention of getting involved in this kind of crime that they should not, because it is not good value nor an honorable thing.“And, if you start this, you’ll get the money but you won’t be able to account for how you spend it.

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