Pi Network Review: Is Pi Network Legit or Scam (How Does Pi Works)

Pi Network Review: Is Pi Network Legit or Scam | all you need to know about Pi Network.

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network Review: Is Pi Network Legit or Scam | all you need to know about Pi Network.
Pi Network Review: Is Pi Network Legit or Scam | all you need to know about Pi Network.

Pi is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday people. It was designed to grant everyone access to crypto. Pi is a DIGITAL CURRENCY you can mine on your phone.

What you mine if referred to as the pi coin. The pi coin is the token or reward you get for being part of the pi network

The pi network is the community of developers and users with the goal is securing global adoption of pi coin.

When you invite others to join the network, they become part of your earning team which increases the rate at which you mine

And when you fail to ensure that your earning team register their account and it happened that the network launches successfully, all the coins they helped you accumulate will be taking out of what you mined yourself.

How to Get Started on Pi Network?

What are the Mining Levels in Pi Network?

The following Mining Levels are available in Pi- Network.


Anyone who had just registered and continues to mine is a pioneer

As a pioneer it is required of you to always tap on the mine button after every 24 hours. This is so to prove that you are human and not a robot.


Before becoming a contributor you must complete three mining circles. i.e. mining for three days.  As a contributor, you are allowed to now add people to your security circle.

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You become an ambassador when you can now invite people to join the network. This is where you start to give out your referral code to help others join

Pi Mobile App

You can download the Pi Mobile App HERE

What is Node in Pi Network?

Node are People who mine on the computer. As it stands now the node is not yet working but people mine using apps like bluestacks etc. To help them mine.

Who created Pi?

Pi what created on the 14th of March, 2019 by Nicolas Kokklis, Changdiao Fan and Vince McPhilip.

What is the Value of Pi Token/ Coin?

At the moment there is no value on the Pi Mine until when it is launched. From the Discord group (Pi Lifestyle) they believe the Pi would be 1Pi= $100.

This same group also believe that you can buy goods with your Pi even as it has not yet been launched. You buy from them with your Pi when it is finally launched, you have paid already.

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How to Get Your Coin When it is Launched?

To ensure that you get your coins when it is launched, follow the steps below.

1. Verify your Phone Number, Password and Facebook (Optional)

2. Make sure all the People you’ve invited through your referral code have all Registered.

3. All Coins gained through the people you’ve invited would be lost if they fail to Register.


How to Verify Your Phone Number on Pi Network?

Below are the steps to verify your phone number of Pi Network

  1. Click on the Menu at the top left corner of the app.
  2. Scroll down to profile..
  3. Select phone verification.
  4. Click add or verify.
  5. Click on start.
  6. Select SMS (It will take you to your sms box).
  7. Edit the foreign phone number if it comes with  double hash sign (//) delete only the two //.
  8. So it looks like this  (+1 6508220314).
  9. With your code e.g (6162) don’t delete any digit, just send it to the foreign phone number provided.

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You must have at least 40 pese was or 35 naira airtime on your SIM, the very SIM you used to register for pi app, because each sms cost at least 40 . Without that it will not send. It doesn’t use free sms or bonus or mashup. It should be main credit.

Your message center number must be correct. Your phone sms must be enabled to send sms.

Once the sms is successfully sent you will receive a flash notification message that your number has been verified.

It is not compulsory to VERIFY both facebook and phone number on Pi Network?

You can choose to do only one i.e confirm either your Facebook or your Phone Number.

How to know if your Phone Number is Verified?

To know if your number is verified, go the menu again and scroll down to profile you will see if your number is checked verified, if not use the above steps to do so.

Don’t send again, your phone number has been verified.

How to earn on Pi Network?

You can earn more on Pi Network by just checking in every 24 hours and hitting the lightening button to start mining. You can always increase your hourly rate by invited people to register the platform.

Is Pi Coin legit?

The answer is yes, Pi coin is legit, pi was created by genuine effort of Standford Graduates to give everyone greater access to cyptocurrency.

Is Pi Coin scam?

Pi network is not a scam, it was by genuine effort of Stanford Graduates to give everyone greater access to cyptocurrency.

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