CryptoKitties Review: All to Know about CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties Review: All you Need to Know about CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties Review: All you Need to Know about CryptoKitties
CryptoKitties Review: All you Need to Know about CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a blockchain game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties

in this CryptoKitties Review, I will be discussing with you all you need to know about CryptoKitties like is CryptoKitties Legit or Scam, How do I get a CryptoKitty, How much does it cost to play CryptoKitties, How do I sell or hire my CryptoKitties, what do I need to play CryptoKitties, How to still get your CryptoKitties when you can’t access your wallet, What is CryptoKitties?, How does CryptoKitties works and many more about CryptoKitties will be discussed in this CryptoKitties Review.

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What is CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties is a blockchain game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

In CryptoKitties you can breed and adopt Kitties of all colours and shapes. Create Collections of your favourite cats and share them with our breeding community.

How Does CryptoKitties Works?

To get Started you CryptoKitties, firstly you need a digital wallet. CryptoKitties support all digital wallets, but recommends Dapper for the best CryptoKitties experience.

You’ll need to put money in your wallet to make your first purchase. We can show you how to do that, too.

Note: A digital wallet acts like a bank account — treat it with respect and make sure you don’t forget your password or lose your recovery kit.

According to the platform, “What we believe in, what we stand for, and why we’re building CryptoKitties. The future is exciting. And we believe that blockchain is the future—but blockchain is about as approachable as a bunch of ones and zeroes.

We want a future for everyone, not one exclusive to Bitcoin miners, VCs, ICOs, and other equally fun acronyms.

So why cats?

Pop quiz, hotshot: why not? Cats are impossible to understand. They’re ambassadors for pharaohs, memes, and your mom’s facebook page. They don’t discriminate; they despise everyone equally.

Cats are perfect killing machines, with retractable claws, night vision, and teeth on their tongue. But cats also nap whenever they feel like it, and we respect that.

More than anything, cats are different. They’re weird, funny, and hopelessly entertaining. You don’t have to understand cats to appreciate them.

We’re not trying to build the future—we’re trying to have fun with it.

What is a “Wallet Address”?

Your public wallet address is a unique identifier for your wallet. It’s like a name. (e.g. 0xaba935f589805095a892ecefdb6eb83eff45d67). You can share it freely with others, and it’s used to direct assets to your wallet.

How much do CryptoKitties cost?

Currently the sale price for a cryptokitty was $65.76.

What’s ether (ETH)? Why do I need it for CryptoKitty?

Ether is a digital currency that powers the Ethereum network, which is what CryptoKitties is built on. Ether acts like any other currency — its value fluctuates with the market.

You need to convert your currency (e.g. USD, CAD, GBP) into ether to pay for things — such as CryptoKitties — on the Ethereum network.

How do I get a CryptoKitty?

You can get a CryptoKitty in one of three ways listed below:

  1. Buy one from the Marketplace, which you can look through using the “Search” tab.
  2. Breed two CryptoKitties together.
  3. Receive one as a gift from another player (you still need a wallet to receive the Kitty)

How much does it cost to play CryptoKitties?

It costs money to buy a Kitty or breed Kitties. There’s also a small ‘gas’ fee paid to conduct transactions on the blockchain.

  1. Buying: When you buy a Kitty, there’s no standard price. Users choose their own starting and ending price when they create an auction for their Kitty, and the price goes down until the Kitty is bought or the auction ends. Once an auction ends, the Kitty stays for sale at the final low auction price until its bought or the owner cancels the auction. The CryptoKitties team releases a new “Gen 0” CryptoKitty every fifteen minutes. These Generation 0 Kitties started it all! They are born from the “Kitty Clock” and they have no parents. Only 50,000 will ever be created — collect them before they’re gone! The starting auction price of Gen 0 Kitties is determined by the average price of the last five CryptoKitties sold from the Kitty Clock, plus 50%.
  2. Breeding: Every time you breed your Kitties, there’s a birthing fee. The birthing fee is collected by CryptoKitties, but it doesn’t go directly to us. It covers the cost of writing your new CryptoKitty onto the blockchain. In cases of extreme congestion in the Ethereum network, we may have to temporarily increase the birthing fee. The birthing fee is currently 0.008 Ether. If you choose to Sire a Kitty from the Marketplace instead of breeding two of your own Kitties, you also need to pay a Siring fee, which is set by the owner of the Kitty you choose to Sire with.
  3. Gas: Transactions are secured on the Ethereum blockchain, and it costs a small fee for its miners to process the transaction. This ‘gas’ fee applies to every transaction in CryptoKitties.

How many CryptoKitties do I need to get started?

You can start with Just one, but it is recommended that you start with two so that you can breed them together.

How do I sell or Hire out a CryptoKitty?

To sell you CryptoKitty, follow the Steps below.

  1. After clicking on your Kitty, you will see buttons near its name for selling and Siring.
  2. Kitty auctions can go up or down in price, and when the time expires, the price stops moving.

The Kitty is only returned to you if you cancel the sale or Siring, or if your cat is Sired with. Putting a Kitty up for sale or siring is a transaction on the blockchain, so you have to pay a gas fee.

I sold a cat. Where’s my ETH?

If you successfully Hired or sold a cat through our marketplace, the other user definitely sent ether. Since the user paid for the Siring or sale through our smart contract, the payment isn’t reflected as a typical IN/OUT transaction in Etherscan. (Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network that shows all events on the blockchain.)

To see the ether generated from CryptoKitty auctions, check the Internal Transactions tab for your address in Etherscan

Are CryptoKitties like Bitcoin?

CryptoKitties are NOT a cryptocurrency. They’re a cryptocollectible. The real-world analogy for a cryptocurrency is dollars or pounds; a cryptocollectible’s real world analogy is closer to assets like baseball cards or fine art.

As dictated by the smart contract, any CryptoKitty you own belongs to you. Like any product or property you can own, the market price is determined by supply and demand.

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What else can I do with my Kitties?

The great thing about the blockchain is that anyone can build games and features for CryptoKitties, with or without our involvement. We call this expansive world the “KittyVerse”, and we’re working on a landing page to bring you all our favourite experiences. For now, here are a few fun things that community members have built:, a breeding calculator and resource site dedicated to the genes behind CryptoKitties.

KittyHats, a Chrome-store-approved extension that allows you to add hats and accessories to your Kitties.

KittyRace, a game where you can race your Kitty against other real CryptoKitties.

What are the Cat Codex and Special Cat Codex?

The Cat Codex, which appears under the ‘Your Kitties’ tab on the website, is a list of Cattributes. It shows you which traits your cats currently have, and which ones you’re missing. The Special Cat Codex tracks the Fancy and Exclusive Cats that you collect. You can complete your Codex by buying and breeding cats with traits that are new to your collection, but remember, new Cattributes are continuously being discovered, so keeping up is part of fun!

What’s Etherscan?

Etherscan is a read-only interface for the Ethereum network. It tells you everything that’s happened on the blockchain. It helps you verify that transactions were successful, and tracks other helpful details about transactions and addresses.


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