Hi.com Review (Is Hi Dollar Legit or Scam) Hi.com crypto

Hi.com Review (Is Hi Dollar Legit, Real, Working, Paying, Genuine or Scam) Hi.com crypto. Find out in this Hi dollar review.

Hi dollar is leveraging blockchain technology used to build offers and services that are community-driven. This hi.com review

Welcome to Hi.com |Dollar Review. You would understand the concept behind the hi.com platform and get to know if it is your best bet to interact with. Let’s dive in.

What is Hi.com |Hi Dollar Review

Hi.com Review (Is Hi Dollar Legit or Scam) Hi.com crypto

Hi dollar is leveraging blockchain technology used to build offers and services that are community-driven. This hi.com review

Members of Hi are the major stakeholders of this ecosystem and the business is committed to maximizing membership value, instead of profits.

The ideal reason is to make sure members of the platforms are incentivized in many ways. The foremost service is the world’s first universal cross-ecosystem mobile payment and financial services platform.

Hi is operated by the hi Foundation, a Singapore-based not-for-profit organization. Our team is devoted to revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize stakeholder value.

How Does Hi.com works?

On the Hi platform, you can earn through a variety of methods available on the platform depending on your preferences.

One of these is earning rewards just by signing up. This is a simple task and makes earning much easier on the platform.

You can also earn through the referral program which involves inviting your friends and families to join.

This is an additional way to earn on the platform as profits are being maximized regardless.

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Instead of spending money on costly advertising, we are driving as many members to join hi through crypto rewards and word of mouth.

Your work will duly be rewarded.

Hi.com Benefits

There are also several benefits attached to the platform such as exchange with no fees or markups whatsoever.

You can freely convert between fiat and fiat, crypto and crypto, as well as fiat and crypto. All of this at mid-market exchange rates with nothing added on top.

This is a big advantage as crypto is starting to become the next big trend in the financial world. You can hold money in several supported currencies available on the platform with ease and no charges whatsoever. (including digital currencies)You get to earn interest on money deposited – at much higher rates than elsewhere.

They are as high as 20% according to the platform. You can transfer money to your friends, even those who do not have a hi account yet with relative ease.

The ease at which you convert money from one currency to another at interbank rates with no added markup is something to reckon with because it’s a rare phenomenon of traditional banks are considered.

You can spend the money in your hi account through the virtual debit card. You can easily pay your bills online with your virtual card and get your goods and services.

You also get to enjoy some exclusive lifestyle benefits for being with the brand. Today, tech and financial institutions make money off you, not for you.

Hi aims to change that and that’s where HI has proven to be worth it by supposedly rewarding their users substantially.

Financial services should be a global public good. We are using blockchain to make this happen. HI doesn’t incur fees for users and there is no minimum balance policy.

You can hold over 100 currencies, both traditional and cryptocurrencies, all in a single account. Earn interest up to 20% p.a. and get paid daily when you save with hi.

There are fantastic interest rates for members as you grow your portfolio instead of letting them sit idle in a bank.

Send Money across Chat Platforms with ease plus it is free and instant. Send both traditional and cryptocurrencies seamlessly to friends and merchants, through the hi app or directly on your favorite chat platform.

The Hi Dollar is a Hi membership token and a cryptocurrency used to access the services offered by HI.

Members can earn or buy hi Dollars and then access services and benefits based on their membership tier.

You can think of it as a membership token that grants you benefits and is resellable should you decide to end your membership.

Hi Dollar crypto is more like money created for use in the HI economy. You can either earn or buy the membership token – hi Dollars.

When you join hi, rewards are given to you. Referring friends to hi will also earn you additional hi Dollars, as well coming back to the platform each day and answering the daily trivia.

You may purchase additional hi Dollars through hi by using the “Buy hi Dollars” command, by visiting hi.com/hi-dollars, and ultimately, through several reputable digital currency exchange partners (details will follow in due course).

Hi Dollars crypto is the membership token, by depositing hi Dollars, you become entitled to services offered by hi.

You may buy hi Dollars to increase your membership tier and thus enjoy improved benefits.

The hi Dollar (HI) is an ERC-2O token. Hi, the platform says it may be considering a migration of the token to the hi Protocol in the nearest future.

The team is working effortlessly to make the hi Dollar available on decentralized exchanges initially followed by potential listings on centralized exchanges.

This would drive more exposure to the platform and enable the Hi cryptocurrency to gain more value.

According to the stated terms and conditions, a member can only create one account with Hi.

If you are found to be operating more than one account with us, the compliance team will close all your accounts and you will lose all the rewards you have earned to date.

This is to ensure the platform is run seamlessly and avoid fraudulent practices. There is also a strict KYC approach employed by the platform to guard against fraudulent practices on the platform.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is standard practice for any company offering financial services. Identity verification as part of KYC protects our members against fraud, money laundering, and illegal activities in our ecosystem.

Financial platforms are required by law to collect this data from their customers and avoid the attempt of these types of financial crimes as part of anti-money laundering (AML) measures.

For hi members, KYC will consist of submitting photos of a personal identification document, address proof, and selfie.

We use a partner to assist with the collection and secure store of this information. Further details about KYC will be provided soon.

To claim your referral rewards, purchase hi Dollars, and/or withdraw money from hi, you must pass a basic know-your-customer (KYC) check.

These are major practices from hi and you could get started with the link below


Hi is not just a digital banking platform, but also a wallet supporting the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Easy to use, yet safe and secure, hi is driving mass adoption of crypto and blockchain technologies.

This new trend has gotten the attention of people and the Hi brand is a pioneer in this. Members will get free access to digital services and exclusive offers with merchants.

Thanks for checking out our hi.com review always do your own research (DYOR)

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