UHive Review (How Does UHive Works) Find out

UHive Review (How Does UHive Works) Find out

UHive Review (How Does UHive Works) Find out
UHive Review (How Does UHive Works) Find out

UHive A New Era of Social Networking. Introducing the world’s first social network with a new social dimension

In this UHive Review, my discussion lies under the following sub-topics “What is UHive?”, “How Does Uhive Works”, “How to Get Coins on UHive”, “Uhive App Download”, “Uhive NFTs”, “Uhive Road Map” and many more will be discussed in this review.

What is Uhive?

UHive A New Era of Social Networking. Introducing the world’s first social network with a new social dimension

Post Pictures, Engage, comment, upload and you earn more token and UHive is already listed on exchange.

How to Get More Coins on UHive?

Post Pictures, Engage, comment, upload and you earn more token and UHive is already listed on exchange.

Make sure you confirm your email when you download the app, and if you invite your friends to join this platform, you will rewarded with a free 200UHvite token.

How does it work?

Simply withdraw your Space NFT from Uhive to your blockchain wallet. Once it’s in your blockchain wallet, you can trade/sell it.

Once the Space NFT Token is moved back to uhive, to any user’s wallet, the system will move the ownership of the Space to the account the NFT moved to, including:

  • Space Location
  • Space Followers
  • Space Content
  • Space Social Scale
  • Space Awards and Badges

How To Earn with Uhive?

With people joining Uhive every day and more tokens being bought, sold and traded – this will directly influence the number of tokens we will be distributing to users. In other words, the more token trading, the more people joining Uhive – the more tokens users will earn!

Track your tokens!

Keep an eye on all the tokens you’re earning and buying.

All the tokens you purchase, or earn via awards, tipping and engagement, will be displayed in real-time on the app’s new dynamic token card.

Increase your social scale to increase your content’s visibility, showing up in the top results for search and in Discover.

NFTs on Uhive

Since Uhive’s big bang, NFTs emerged throughout Uhive’s social Universe in the form of spaces! Paid Spaces on Uhive can be the most valuable NFTs; they are unique and they solely belong to the account holder. They are basically virtual real estate, that you’ll be able to buy or sell. A Space’s value can be determined by their location in Uhive’s universe, levels of engagement, amount of content, and more.

Deed to your space

In order to truly own your NFT, it contains a unique token address specific to your space’s location. Once the space’s NFT token is minted, the owner of the space can request to transfer it to their own blockchain wallet for safe keeping, or sell it by transferring it to another user’s wallet. Recipients of the NFT will be able to claim the space by transferring the token to their own wallet address.

What is the Social Metaverse?

The Metaverse; ‘Web 3.0” the “Evolution of Digital” a “Successor State” to the internet, whatever it’s being called, it’s here. Uhive is the first social network to merge our physical reality with the digital world, in the process aligning culture, communities, shopping, entertainment, and economies, a convergence known as the Social Metaverse.

Social Media 4.0 Ad Infinitum

Uhive is introducing a fresh perspective on the familiar, seamlessly transitioning you from traditional social media to the social Metaverse. In this world you power the economy and control the content – as it should be.

Decentralized Moderation: The Magna Carta Protocol

The Magna Carta was written over 800 years ago, but it’s main provisions still resonate today within free societies in the physical world. The principle that all individuals are created equal, and have the equal right to be heard and judged by their peers only. Inspired by this, Uhive’s decentralized moderation protocol was born.

A Universal Income for All: Digital Dividends

Uhive was not created to be a company with the typical mission of ‘making money’ for its owners and shareholders – we built Uhive to generate wealth for all. Uhive aims to accomplish this by paying ALL of its active users a daily amount of its Uhive Tokens (digital dividends).

Digital Wealth on Uhive: Uhive Marketplace

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a unit of data stored on the blockchain. They cannot be forged, are explicitly owned and sold, & will power the Metaverse economy. For now, NFTs on Uhive include your Spaces (profiles), Space names, usernames, and media.

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Uhive Roadmap

Their roadmap discloses everything the Uhive team has worked on and will be working on, towards achieving their goal of becoming a top global social network, and to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

All Roadmap Ecosystem Roadmap

Feb / 2018

Concept is born and initial planning begins

Jan / 2019

Alpha version is released and backend ecosystem designed

Dec / 2019

Uhive private beta is released on Android

Feb / 2020

Beta version goes public on Android

iOS beta version is released on TestFlight

May / 2020

Content feeds including trending are enhanced

100+ new features introduced

July / 2020

iOS is released on the App Store with in-app token purchases

Android app is enhanced, and more features added to backend

Uhive reaches 100,000 users and 4 million posts

Nov / 2020

Chat and messenger including groups goes live

New 3D exploration

Personal profile space introduced

Dec / 2020

Content tokenization allowing users to send awards and tokens to one another to show appreciation for posts

30 new features will be added

Q1 / 2021

Uhive is listed on multiple exchanges.

Enhanced iOS and Android apps

Reached 300,000 active users

Q2 / 2021

Introduce Uhive Marketplace (check Ecosystem roadmap for details)

NFTs are launched

Q3/ 2021

Introduce decentralized moderation (DeMo)

Launch public/private spaces

Launch paywalls

Introduce Uhive Rooms

Live streaming, and video chat go live

Q4 / 2021

Re-launch the Free World as the Freedom of Speech World

2 million users

Uhive Token Details

Switching from V1 token to V2 token, will be at a ratio of 1 to 1*

What this means is for every V1 token you own you will get one V2 token

Total Supply Uhive Token


80 Billion


60 Billion


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