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Review Review: Is Legit or Scam.


on Review: Is Legit, Real, working, paying, Genuine or Scam Find out. Review: Is Legit, Real, working, paying, Genuine or Scam Find out. Review: Is Legit, Real, working, paying, Genuine or Scam Find out. Review: Is Legit, Real, working, paying, Genuine or Scam Find out. is a new online investment platform that claims to pay it’s up to 300% of profit  in 48 hours for each of their Investment Plans.

In this review, I’ll be discussing with you, all you need to know about this online investment platform known as under the following sub-topics i.e. “Is legit or scam”, “ Registration/Sign-up”, “ login/signin”, “ withdrawal”,” referral commission”, “how does works”, “ Investment Plans” and many more about will be discussed in this review.

Let’s get started…

About Business Number (BN): 824902431 is an international investment company officially registered in Toronto, Ontario. The company is headquartered in Canada but its activities span the entire globe through its powerful online platform

At this stage of online investment development, significant results can be achieve only by applying the latest advancements in science and innovative developments in the field of cyber technologies and distributed registry technology — blockchain.

The founders, management and close—knit team of top—class employees at understand that in order to achieve their goals and run an effective business

How Does Works?

Investor Makes a Deposit

Investor chooses an appropriate tariff plan and deposits a certain amount of money. All the deposits form an investment fund.

Trader Trades in Forex

A trader uses invested funds for trading. A trader work and profits using the data received while conducting the market research.

Total Transparency

our experts ensure you benefit from total transparency to make better decisions.

youtube channel

Market Analysis

Financial analysts study the financial market, predict changes in currency rates and develop trading strategies.

Investors Get Income

Every investor gets an appropriate share of the income which depends on the amount of the deposit and a chosen tariff plan.

Technical Support

Their customer service team is ready to overcome any issues that might occur. Investment Plans

The following Investment Plans are available on global

Tariff plans

  • 20%
  • Trial plan
  • After 12 hours
  • Referral Comission 3%
  • Min : 50$ Max : 200$
  • Principal : included

Starter plan

  • 40%
  • After 24 hours
  • Referral Comission 5%
  • Min : 300$ Max : 1000$

Classic plan

  • 70% After 24 hours
  • Referral Comission 80%
  • Min : 500$ Max : 3000$
  • Principal : included
  • Earnings : Monday-Friday

Premium plan

  • 100% After 36 hours
  • Total Profit: 100%
  • Min : 1000$ Max : 10000$
  • Principal : included
  • Earnings : Monday-Friday

Ultimate plan


  • After 48 hours
  • Referral Comission 20%
  • Min : 3000$ Max : 100000$
  • Principal : included
  • Earnings : Monday-Friday Registration/Sign up

To register/join CLICK HERE to get started. Login/Signin

To signin to your account CLICK HERE then input the required details. Affiliate program

We offer 15% Referral Commission in order to provide our investors with an opportunity of getting passive income. 6% 3% 3% 3%.


50 Active referrals – $100

25 Active referrals – $50

15 Active referrals – $20

10 Active referrals – $10

How to Earn on

You can earn massively with by these following ways:

Cash bonus for reviews: Earn $0.50 for posting up vote on all monitors or posts on board.

Earn $2 for posting your video testimonial about our program

How can I withdraw money on global

Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.

How can I invest with ?

To make a investment in, you must first become a member of hyip. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.

Which e-currencies is accepted on globalprofit?

They accept all e-currencies.

Is there any Limit for Investment Amount on

The minimum investment amount is only $10 and the maximum amount is $1000 per transaction. But please pay attention that you have as many deposits as you want. So there is no maximum your investment portfolio.

What is the minimum withdrawal Amount on

The minimum withdrawal by Perfectmoney, Payeer,Litecoin, Etherem is $0.5, and the minimum withdrawal by bitcoin is 0.0002BTC.

Is Legit or Scam? is currently verified as a legit platform. They are so many positive reviews about this platform by it’s users which definitely means they are keeping to their words.

Though at times most platform acts this same way and later turn to be scam. Please I will advise everyone investing on this platform to invest what you can afford to lose in case of any Misfortune.


Thank you for stopping by to read this review. Hope this article served to right.

Please if you have any experience about this platform, kindly share it with us via the comment section below.

Stay safe

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