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Review Review: is Adsminer Legit or Scam


on Review: is legit, paying, working, genuine, working, fake, real or scam Review: is legit, paying, working, genuine, working, fake, real or scam Review: is legit, paying, working, genuine, working, fake, real or scam Review: is legit, paying, working, genuine, working, fake, real or scam. Find out all you need to know about in this review. is an online advertising web agency and mining platform that claims to be the leading Ads mining platform, offering secure mining capacities in every range.

Welcome to I guess you landed here just because you really want to have deep knowledge about this earning platform known as, if they really worth joining or not.

Though, they are many earning platforms spread round the web, that gives you the opportunity of earning cool money from either by performing task, investing or even referring people to join them.

Many has doubted the power of making money online because of either their past encounter with scammers which made them gave up on it.

No, giving up won’t solve the issue. You can get rid of this by making deep researches about any earning platform before you join them because, many of these platforms have nothing to offer as they claim, they are just out there to defraud people and go away with their hard-earned money. This is why you should be careful before joining any online money scheme.

Now, let’s get to know more about this earning platform known as, that claims to be one of the leading Ads Mining platforms, offering secure mining capacities in every range.

In this review, I’ll be focusing the following sub-topics i.e. “is legit”, “is scam”, “ Registration/signup”, “ withdrawal”, “ packages”, “How Does works”, “what is Advert(Ads) mining”, “ mining” and many more about will be discussed in this review.

Let’s get started…

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What is is an online advertising web agency and mining platform that claims to be the leading Ads mining platform, offering secure mining capacities in every range.

youtube channel

According to the platform “Adsminer is an advertising web agency. We basically advertise for a living. AdsMiner is one of the leading Ads Mining platforms, offering Secure mining capacities in every range —We are designed to be a highly secure platform design for future miners. Adsminer is a subsidiary or the parent company 54 BIT INNOVATIONS LTD with registered company number RC 1406166. (you can search it out on CAC portal).

We are a legal business entity providing  a dynamic investment solution to clients in need of a self operating portfolio, as well as a smart fund with flexible time and investment amount. We are are also an embodiment of company geared towards poverty alleviation and raising millionaires annually through our funds support program challenge where members compete for top spot. We offer scholarship programs for students in various level of education that really needs support.  We engage in Training interested members in forex trading, crypto marketing and affiliate marketing. In order to put smiles on faces of our loyal subscribers. We have a business funding program tailored towards supporting our business members with funds to boost their various business in form of no interest business loan”

How Does Works?

When you register on, you will have to pick one investment plans among the available investment plans on the platform.

Each of the available plans on have different earning schedule which means the higher the plan you subscribe to the higher the commission you get from the platform.

Another way you can earn on is by referring/inviting people to join the platform using your referral and when they successfully register, you’ll be rewarded with a commission from the platform

The breakdown of the referral commission is as follows:

  • Level 1 which is direct referral is 20%.
  • Level 2 which is your second leg under your direct down line you earn 5%
  • Level 3 which is your third leg down line you earn 4%
  • Level 4 which is your fourth down line you earn 3%
  • Level 5 which is your fifth leg you Password Registration/Signup

To register/signup on, follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the MENU BAR, then Click on “REGISTER”
  3. Input the required information (First name, last name, email, country, phone number, username, password).
  4. Then click on “REGISTER NOW” to join the platform. Login/Signin

To signin/login to your account, the following is required:

  1. Username and Password
  2. Then click on “LOGIN NOW” to access you account Investment Plans

The following investment plans are available on which you can choose any of your preferred plan and subscribe to.


  • Amount: 4 USD
  • Daily Limit : 2 Mines
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 1 Level
  • Plan Price : 4.00 USD
  • Daily mining: N200
  • Validity : One Month


  • Amount: 8.00 USD
  • Daily Limit : 4 Mines
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 2 Level
  • Plan Price : 8.00 USD
  • Daily mining: N400
  • Validity : One Month


  • Amount: 20.00 USD
  • Daily Limit : 10 Mines
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 3 Level
  • Plan Price : 20.00 USD
  • Daily mining: N1,000
  • Validity : One Month


  • Amount: 30.00 USD
  • Daily Limit : 15 Mines
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 4 Level
  • Plan Price : 30.00 USD
  • Daily mining: N1,400
  • Validity : One Month


  • Amount: 40.00 USD
  • Daily Limit : 20 Mines
  • Referral Bonus : Upto 5 Level
  • Plan Price : 40.00 USD
  • Daily mining: N2,000
  • Validity : One Month

How Does Adsminer get their Funding?

According to them, they have various funnel funds generating techniques and are below but not limited to the listed funnel. Sales of Advertisement spot or space, networking, sponsors from various professional organizations etc.

Why do People Join Adsmine?

For some, they’re looking for another source of income. For others, it’s about gaining greater financial freedom. But whatever the reason, Ads-Mining is a growing area of interest for technophiles, investors, Publishers and Advertisers alike.

What is Advert (Ads) Mining?

Ads-mining is a term that refers to the process of gathering Money as a reward for work that you complete.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legit platform. As at the time of writing of this review, is keeping what they promise on their platform and paying its users according.

You can actually join now, because they are paying as promised.

Is Scam?

No, is not a scammer platform, they are paying their members as at the time of writing this review. Though I can’t really tell how long will the payment last.

Nevertheless, all I’ll advise all already registered and intending to register members is to make sure you invest what you can afford to lose in case of any misfortune.


Thank you for stopping by to read this review. If you think is legit or scam, kindly share your personal review with us in the comment box below.

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