Review (is iQhub legit or a scam) Review (is iQhub Legit, Paying, Real, Fake, Working, Genuine, or Scam). Find out all you need to know about in this Review.

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It is always advisable to read reviews about a platform to get in-depth knowledge and to know how it works before venturing into them. Most of these platforms spread across the web doesn’t worth your time regardless of what they promise.

In today’s review, I will be looking at an online earning platform known as “”. This review will reveal everything you need to know about this platform that allows its registered members to earn by performing certain tasks on their platform.

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What is | Review

iQhub or is an online earning platform where registered members are allowed to earn money by completing certain tasks like posting articles, sharing sponsored posts, daily login, reading posts, commenting on posts, and more.

According to the platform “iQHub is a Digital Technology news and Online Business Platform, giving all individuals a Marvelous opportunity to Earn from the comfort of your home with just your smartphone or Laptop.

How Does Work?

Before you start earning on this platform, you must be a registered member. To register, you will have to visit their official website (, contact a coupon code vendor to purchase your code, return to the website and input the required information. Boom, you are a registered member. The registration is free but you will have to upgrade your account with the sum of N3,000.

When you register on, you get rewarded with a signup bonus of 2GB which cannot be withdrawn except when you reach the minimum threshold.

As a registered member on iQhub, you gain access to earning money even from the comfort of your home by just performing daily tasks like posting articles, sharing sponsored posts, daily login in, reading posts, commenting on posts, and more. Each task performed on this platform is attached with certain commissions depending on the task.

All tasks are rewarded with Data, this Data can be converted to cash and the conversion rate of MB to cash is 0.3. that is, 1MB=0.3naira. The minimum data conversion on iQhub is 10000MB.

Another interesting feature of this platform is, they give its registered member access to a VTU wallet where they can buy and resell Exam Pin, Airtime, Data, Cable Subscription, Send Bulk SMS, and Utility Bills Payment.

You can also watch my youtube about this platform. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Iqhub Review (is legit or a scam)
Iqhub VTU wallet Referral/Affiliate Program

Another way of earning from this platform is through the referral program. The referral involves referring or inviting new members to join the platform using your unique referral link

When you refer anyone to join the platform using your unique or referral link, you get rewarded with a commission of N1,500 for each referral. Isn’t that amazing?

You can attract or gain more referrals by sharing your referral or unique link to your social media pages, and encouraging family and friends to register. Registration/Sign Up

Registering on does not require much, you just need to follow the steps given below

  1. Visit their website
  2. Purchase your CODE (click HERE to purchase your code)
  3. Return to the website and input the required information
  4. Then click on SUBMIT to get started. Login/Sign in

To Login/Sign in to your account, you will need the following

  1. Visit the Login Page
  2. Input your Username and Password
  3. Then click on Log in to access your account

How to Earn on iQhub or iQleads?

There are different ways of earning from this platform. They are listed below.

  1. Registration Bonus – 2GB
  2. Daily Logins – 250MB
  3. Posting of Articles – 70MB (Minimum of 2 articles per day)
  4. Reading of posts – 15MB (Minimum of 5 posts daily)
  5. Comments – 5MB (Minimum of 5 comments daily)
  6. Referral Bonus – N1,500
  7. Viewing of post – 15MB

iQhub Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Before you can make a withdrawal on iQhub, you must reach the required withdrawal threshold.

The minimum withdrawal amount on iQhub is N3,000 for affiliate earners which can be withdrawn at any time while the minimum withdrawal amount for activity earners is N5,000.

To withdraw on iQhub, you will have to provide your Account name, account number, bank name, and your iQhub account user and request withdrawal.

When was iQhub Launched or Created?

iQhub was created on the 25th of October, 2022.

Is iQhub or Legit?

Yes, iQhub or is paying their members accordingly. I will recommend this platform to anyone willing to earn cool cash even from the comfort of your bedroom.

Is iQhub or Scam?

No, iQhub or is not a scam platform. It is a legit platform that is paying its members.


Thank you for stopping by to read this Review. I believe you were able to gather information regarding this platform and to know if they worth you joining them or not.

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