Xmasfundz.com.ng Review: How it Works, Legit or a Scam?

Xmasfundz.com.ng is an earning platform where users are allowed to earn money by performing daily tasks and referring new members to join the platform.

In this Xmasfundz.com.ng Review, I will be explaining in detail how the platform works, how to register on the platform, how to earn money on the platform, and finally let you know if Xmasfundz.com.ng is a legit or a scam platform.

In today’s world, we noticed there are diverse ways of making money via the web either through, blogging, YouTubing, freelancing, copywriting, etc. These are legit ways in which you can make money online using either your smartphone, tablet, or your PC. You can also make money even from the comfort of your bedroom by participating in online income programs which may require investment or completing tasks to get paid.

Making intense research about a particular platform before joining will give you a perfect intent and guide about the platform you are about to join and if it worth you joining or not.

Xmasfundz.com.ng is another earning platform that claim you can earn by performing certain tasks on their website. The big question is, are they truly who they say they are? Stay tight while unveil al you need to know about Xmasfundz.com.ng as we proceed in this Review.

About Xmasfundz.com.ng | Xmasfundz.com.ng Review

Xmasfundz.com.ng is an online earning platform where registered members are allowed to earn by carrying out daily tasks like sharing sponsored posts, referring new members, and more.

As the name implies, Xmasfundz is literally a platform where you can hustle your Xmas funds by leveraging the activities on the platform to earn funds.

According to the platform ” Xmasfundz is an online business platform that is design to enable Nigerians make real and legitimate income online without restrictions with just a one time registration fee.

Xmasfundz is not different from those earning platform you’ve been joining where you’ll be asked to share sponsored post, refer people, comment on posts and more before you can earn.

How Does Xmasfundz.com.ng Work?

Xmasfundz.com.ng is a basically a platform where users can leverage for daily passive income. But before all of these, you have to register on the platform first. You do this by contacting a coupon vendor for a coupon code, make payment and purchase your coupon or activation code from only the vendors provided on their website then proceed with your registration. After that, that proceed to the website for your registration.

Once you register on Xmasfundz.com.ng, you get a registration bonus of N1,000 immediately in your dashboard, this marks the beginning of your earning journey on Xmasfundz.com.ng. There are other ways of earning on this platform which I will be listing below.

How to Make Money on Xmasfundz.com.ng?

Xmasfundz.com.ng is a vast platform where a lot of activities are been performed to earn daily passive income even from the comfort of your sitting room. Here is how to money on Xmasfundz.com.ng.

  • Signup Reward: once you successfully sign up on the platform, you get an instant reward of N1,000 which will automatically be added to your dashboard immediately after registration.
  • Daily Earning: You earn daily commission of N300 every for performing task on their website.
  • Referral Program: you can earn from Xmasfundz through referral. For each person you refer to join the platform using your referral link, you get an instant bonus of N1,200 added to your earning.

How to Register/Sign up on Xmasfundz.com.ng?

To register and become a member of Xmasfundz.com.ng, you will have to purchase a coupon code by contacting any of the verified coupon vendors on their website.

After purchasing your coupon code, you move ahead to the registration page on the website, input the required information (Full name, email, username, password, phone number, coupon code, referral name) then click on Register to get started.

The Registration fee for Xmasfundz.com.ng is a one-time payment of N2,000.

Click here to REGISTER NOW

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Xmasfundz.com.ng Login/Sign in

To login/signin to your Xmasfundz.com.ng dashboard, you will have to provide your Username and Password then click on Signin to Access your Xmasfundz.com.ng dashboard.

Xmasfundz.com.ng Withdrawal | Minimum Withdrawal

Before you can place withdrawal on Xmasfundz.com.ng, you must reach the required withdrawal amount as assigned by the platform.

The withdrawal amount on this platform differs for both Affiliate and Activities earners, these two categories of person have different withdrawal threshold.

Affiliate Earners: As an Affiliate earner, you can make withdrawal once you reach the withdrawal threshold which is N2,400. You can place for withdrawal twice weekly (Mondays and Thursdays by 4:00 to 5:00pm).

Activities Earners: The minimum withdrawal amount for activity earners on Xmasfundz.com.ng is 9,000 XPT. Once you reach this amount, you can place for withdrawal. withdrawal is processed every 30th of the month from 6:00AM to 6:00PM.

Is Xmasfundz.com.ng Paying?

No proof of payment has been recorded yet regarding this platform when this article was published.

Who is the Owner or Founder of Xmasfundz.com.ng?

No information about the founder or owner of Xmasfundz.com.ng was shared for an unknown reason which is one of the flags recorded on this platform. A platform of this nature was supposed to be transparent.

When was Xmasfundz.com.ng Launched?

Xmasfundz.com.ng domain was created on the 19th of November, 2022 and its domain registration will expire on the 19th of November, 2023.

Is Xmasfundz.com.ng Legit or a Scam?

No payment proof has been found to back up the legitimacy of Xmasfundz.com.ng but as times goes on, we will get to know if this platform is legit or a scam.

Though in recent times, there were platforms of this nature that ended up scamming people, I will advise you if you want to join Xmasfundz.com.ng, it will be better and safer if you join at this early stage when it has only fewer members.


Thank you for stopping by to read this Xmasfundz.com.ng Review. I believe that by now you’ve been able to stand your ground on whether joining Xmasfundz or not.

If you have any contributions to make concerning this platform, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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