Review: Is Legit or Scam. Review (Is Legit, Real, Fake, Genuine, Paying, Working or Scam) find out a you need to know about

They are many earning platforms spread round the web, that gives you the opportunity of earning cool money from either by performing taks, investing or even referring people to join them.

Many has doubted the power of making money online because of either their past encounter with scammers which made them gave up on it.

No, giving up won’t solve the issue. You can get rid of this by making deep researches about any earning platform before you join them because, many of these platforms have nothing to offer as they claim, they are just out there to defraud people and go away with their hard earned money. This is why you should be careful before joining any online money scheme.

I today’s review, I’ll be looking at this earning platform known as that claims to pay it’s users for viewing of ads and referring people to join their platform. also promised that you once you register on their platform, your earning is practically unlimited depending on the time you spend on their platform.

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Now, let’s get to know more about, which will be discussed under the following sub-topics i.e. “Is Legit or Scam”, “How does works”, “ Registration/Signup”, “ Referral commission”, “ withdrawal”, “Who is the owner/CEO of”, “ login/Signin” and many more about will be discussed in this review.

What is | Review is an online earning platform that claims to pay it’s registered members for viewing of ads and referring people to join their platform.

According to the platform, The company offers you to earn money on viewing ad units and attracting referrals.

Your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the time you spend in front of your PC. Working on the average 3-5 hours a day, you can get paid from 50$ to 300$ or even more to your account.

You can also earn on  by inviting/referring people to join the platform with your referral link, when they successfully register, you get 30% of their earnings.

How Does Works?

When you register on, you’ll be given the opportunity to access their ads page where you’ll need to input the recaptcher text to complete an ada view.

Each of the ads viewed, you get rewarded by with $0.21 which is limitless, you can view as many ads as wished. Registration/Signup

To Register with, follow the steps given before.

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the Menu bar, click on SIGNUP
  3. Input the required information
  4. Then click on SIGNUP to get started login/Signin

To login to your account, the following is required

  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the menu bar
  3. Click on SIGNIN
  4. Input your username and password
  5. Then click on SIGNIN to access your account.

Who is the Owner/CEO of

No information about the Owner/CEO of was found on their platform. This has been the way most of these scam platform operates, they keep the identity of its owner anonymous in order not to be identified when need arises. Referral commission

Another interesting way of earning from, is by referring/inviting people to join with your referral link and when they successfully register, you get 30% of your referrals earning. Isn’t this interesting?

How can I Get More Referrals

Get more referral is quite easy! There are a lot of different ways. Probably, you have a social network account (Facebook, Tumblr, Tweetter etc.) and have friends there. Recommend them to join , and your earnings can be significantly increased. You can send a link to your friends either via SMS or e-mail or through private messages in social networks. Withdrawal

Money from can be withdrawn to a credit card of any bank, Paypal or other convenient payment systems (Western Union, etc.) The withdrawal request is processed on average within 1 working day.

How much can I earn on

Your earnings are practically unlimited and depend on the amount of time you spend in front of the computer, the number of answered questions, and the number of attracted referrals. So, if you spend 4-6 hours a day on work, you can watching 200 ad units and the earnings will be $600 per day or $18 000 per month.

Is Legit or Scam?

The honest truth here is, though displays payment on their platform, claiming to pay people but no one has been able to make withdrawal on even after reaching the required threshold. Review

Thank you for stopping by to read this review. If you think is legit or scam, feel free to share your personal experience about with us via the comment section below. Thank you once again.

Remember to stay safe wherever you are…

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