Make it Real by Starry B Comedy

Starry B Comedy Make it Real

When Incantation Goes Strong Hy guys, here is another Hilarious and funny skit from Starry B Comedy titled Make it Real. The video tells about groups of actors where trying to choose the right person to play role of a native doctor, and it turns something else that made them run for their lives. When … Read more

Starry B in America (Watch Video)

Starry b in America

Hey guys, here is a very comedy skit by #Starrybcomedy. This skit is all about the life we live today, someone out there might be intimidating us with what they are not and we will sit at home and start giving up on ourselves. I can’t really explain every content of this video, watch it … Read more

The Rape – Starry B Comedy (Watch Video)

    The Level of Rape in the society has become so rampant and it is commonly found among the young ones What is Rape? According to Wikipedia,  Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent. The … Read more


Some people are greedy up to the level that they are not satisfied with what they have. Please watch this skit which is full of lesson and do well to subscribe. click below to watch full video ALSO CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH MORE FUNNY SKITS Smilehopego together we go